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Slip rental Policy

Required Information:

Tenant Name


City, State, Zip

Telephone:  Home, Work, & Cell

Boat Manufacturer,  Model, Vin#, State Registration#, Year made

Engine Manufacturer, Serial#, State Registration#, Year Made, Horsepower

Proof of Liability Ins.   min 300K

E-mail address for communications

Payment Terms:

All accounts are due on the first day of the billing cycle.

All contracts are for the specified term agreed and are not transferable by a tennant.

Accounts not paid by the first will be accessed late fees.  Accounts 30 days past due:  Title 42 of Oklahoma statutes will be utilized for collection.

Conditions for Tenants:

Tenants agree to abide by CBM policies, USACOE Rules and Regulations, County, State and Federal Laws, Rules and Regulations.    ( A list is available [ e-mail   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]  of the obvious violations and is included with a Slip Rental Agreement)

Major Safety and Code Violations: 

                       May cause instant termination of your lease and access to Crystal Bay Facilities. 

                       Electric cords damaged, wrapped or fastened to dock structure.

                       Open Flames in Dock area.

                       Fuel transfer or storage from cans in Any Dock area.

                       Fuel cans stored on docks. 

                       Swimming within 50' of boat slips.

                       Cookers stored  or used on Docks.

                       Batteries stored on Docks.

                       Chemicals stored on Docks.

                       Any item stored overhead.

                       Blocking walkways.

                       Boarding or moving a boat other than your own.

                      Tampering with Mechanical, Electrical, or Plumbing.

                       Operating a Business in or from our facilities.

                       Bringing an outside contractor to our facilities without expressed permission and proof of insurance.  

                       Creating a wake inside our no wake area. ( from breakwater North inclusive of entire cove).

Tenants May:  

                     Bring Guests with them.

                     Authorize others to use their boat.

                     Access the marina 24/7.

                     Bait their Slip. 

                     Fish in their slip and on their assigned dock (without encroaching on a neighbors rights).

                     Fish in and use our indoor fishing dock and fish cleaning station.  ( Slipholders only )

                     Dock Locker:  Safety rules regarding the amount of clear walk space on slips has been modified and

                                         consequently no new lockers will be installed.  Existing lockers will be permitted until

                                         we have further direction from the USACOE office.

                     Own a Boat Lift.  We do not charge a docking fee. We are dealers for Hydrohoist & Econolift.

                     Use our Launch Ramp for their boat of register with Crystal Bay Office

                     Use our Indoor Fishing Dock.

                     Store their trailer at CBM.  (2 free pulls/year)  after 2 pulls the fee is $25.00/pull.

                     Recieve special rates on Cottages and Banquet Facilities.